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Bite Size The Power of Getting Out of the Office Key Art

Bite Size: The Power of Getting Out of the Office

By Adam Hoffmann on Apr. 29, 2015

Adam Hoffmann, BNJ's Director of Project Management, reminds us why taking time to get out of the office yields inspiration and success.

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Bite Size Creating Spaces Key Artwork

Bite Size: Creating Spaces for World-Class Work

By Adam Hoffmann on Jan. 22, 2015

Boring, stressful, spreadsheet jockey, these are just some terms that have been used by others to describe my chosen career field. Project Management is often defined by just a few of the tools we employ. Schedules, budgets and gentle (sometimes not so gentle) reminders are often the tactics that can...

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pm tool

Project Management: The ‘Right Tool’ Makes All the Difference

By Adam Hoffmann on Oct. 26, 2013

Without any real knowledge of construction techniques I recently embarked on a series of home remodeling projects. Through this experience I learned three valuable lessons.

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Project Management Is More Than a Spreadsheet

By Adam Hoffmann on Oct. 1, 2013

I love a good analogy. Especially when the analogy describes the challenges related to project management. Most often I find that these analogies very clearly state the problem: Project planning is difficult. But they rarely offer clear tactics to overcome the challenges.

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