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Maximizing the Potential of Your Data

By Andrea Avery on Jun. 7, 2016

Data is all around us, but most of us are missing out on its potential.

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Breaking the Habit

By Sarah Costello on May. 9, 2016

The agency that first hired me because they needed a woman only noticed the problem with their habits when they came across a project that called for a different point of view, forcing them to see something that had been invisible up until that moment.

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Dish on B2B: Information Security and Responsibility for Marketers

By Babcock & Jenkins on Apr. 26, 2016

If you think data security is IT’s responsibility, you’re mistaken. As Chris Fisher, Senior Director of Marketing at Tripwire, explains, “We collect data every day, and the quantity and quality of the data presents opportunities for hackers. It’s a big risk to an organization’s brand. As a marketer, we must be aware of our contribution of that risk.” Chris outlines some of the things we can do to protect our data and our brands.

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Dish On B2B: Move Your ABM Plan Into Action

By Andrea Avery on Mar. 16, 2016

In this edition of Dish on B2B, Eric Wittlake, Senior Director of Media at Babcock Jenkins, and Charm Bianchini, Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing, at Marketo, discuss practical steps to get your ABM programs off the ground and into market.

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3 Steps to Accelerate your B2B Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

By Lauren Goldstein on Mar. 14, 2016

Here are three first steps to accelerate the effectiveness of your marketing through an ABM approach.

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