B2B Marketing

From brand to demand to advocacy

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Connecting buyers to global businesses

Through data-driven intellect and creative passion, BNJ helps you to pinpoint B2B demand generation opportunities, and then craft stories that grow long-lasting relationships. We weave brand strategy and content excellence into sophisticated B2B marketing programs that engage with business buyers on a human level. Then our marketing automation and analytics expertise helps you move customers intelligently to sales and advocacy.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

We create hard-working B2B brand strategies that leverage corporate brands and lay the foundation for demand. Through multi-dimensional research, we unearth profound insights that inform buyer profiles, creative briefs, and engagement strategies to power the modern marketer. We’re masters at defining context that links brand to demand.

Demand Generation

For over 20 years, BNJ has been the demand generation agency for leading B2B brands. We build innovative strategies and plans that embody context and relevance. Then we drive engagement across the entire buyer journey, leveraging our potent marketing automation, analytics and content marketing experience.

Content and Social Marketing

A cornerstone of BNJ, our B2B content marketing practice has been fueling engagement for B2B brands for years. Content strategy draws the roadmap that entices buyers through their journeys. We audit content for quality and relevance, and skillfully develop and atomize content that excites across PCs and mobile devices.

Pipeline Acceleration

Our insight into the buyer journey works with content marketing to boost lead velocity, speeding qualified prospects into the hands of sales. We apply our B2B strategy and creative expertise to ensure context and relevancy, and wield marketing automation for efficiency and analytics. 

Retention and Advocacy

Many of our programs focus as much on retention and growth of existing customers as acquiring new prospects. To grow customers into loyal brand champions, we use primary and secondary research to help the modern marketer focus on strategies and tactics that add value and deepen the bond.

Data and Analytics

BNJ data and analytics services help you plan and execute highly optimized B2B marketing campaigns with measureable ROI. With decades of experience using all major analytics tools and platforms, we know how to roll up information buried in myriad data sources – including social media – into streamlined, real-time dashboards and insight.

Marketing Automation

BNJ puts marketing automation to work for modern B2B marketers. Our experts have practical expertise on major MAPs and our own technology for over 15 years. We can drive everything from strategy and implementation to analytics and CRM integration, so you can visualize the entire lead lifecycle and show ROI. Key partners include Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce.com.

Sales Enablement

Today’s B2B buyers typically engage with sales when they are already 60% through their buyer journey. When they do, we make sure your sales team arrives armed with the data, intelligence and tools they need. Our nurturing programs pinpoint top prospects and deliver actionable sales data.