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MAP + Me

By Brandon Lee on Jan. 23, 2015

Watching and learning aren’t the only ways that we make MAP more marvelous. Automation should be used to enhance the human experience, not replace it.

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Bite Size Creating Spaces Key Artwork

Bite Size: Creating Spaces for World-Class Work

By Adam Hoffmann on Jan. 22, 2015

Boring, stressful, spreadsheet jockey, these are just some terms that have been used by others to describe my chosen career field. Project Management is often defined by just a few of the tools we employ. Schedules, budgets and gentle (sometimes not so gentle) reminders are often the tactics that can...

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pov patrick

POV: Content that Connects

By Babcock & Jenkins on Jan. 15, 2015

The pace of change in business and marketing today is unprecedented. The driving force behind all that sweeping change? The empowered consumer. And whether that consumer is a head of a household or Fortune 1000 company, their needs are becoming increasingly the same.

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1501 Adam and Kobe Key Artwork2

Adam & Kobe

By Babcock & Jenkins on Jan. 13, 2015

For the second holiday season in a row, we opened our arms to a bit of puppy (and kitten) love by participating in the Oregon Humane Society’s Snuggle Express. December is always a busy time of year for us, so carving out some time to play and cuddle with a...

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1501 2015 Trends Key Artwork6

15 Predictions for 2015

By Eric Wittlake on Jan. 8, 2015

When I asked my colleagues to share their predictions with me, I was overwhelmed by the responses. So, in honor of 2015, here are 15 predictions from the team at BNJ.

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